PLEASE MESSAGE FOR PAYMENT The is One pieces off Approx 5” Long Scion wood (Thickness not guaranteed) Please ask for Large orders For Discount We specialise in Cider Apples in colder Climates having set up Orchards In Canada, Russia Finland, Iceland and Sweden Down to Zone 2/3 We have apples that hardy and Will survive cold winters. Please ask we can supply these in Bulk. We have also supplied Numerous Nurserys Through out Europe and have a great Working relationships with them. While they  can be stored in the salad tray of the fridge till required. A Each roughly 4 - 6” long from a disease resistant Organic Orchard in Yorkshire Freshly Picked at time off Delivery     



Our Favorite apple That we Sell Niedzwetsky 

The last remaining Niedzwetsky Apple trees are found sporadically across Central Asia’s fruit and nut forests. The species is a wild relative of the domesticated apples that line our supermarket shelves and is of global importance as an international genetic resource.

It has bright red flesh and is an iconic species for the region. The red pigment is thought to have medicinal properties and in some areas is eaten, especially by children, as a means to prevent cancer.

Expansion of agriculture and development across its range have led to 90% of the apple’s fruit and nut forest habitat being lost in the last 50 years. Overgrazing of cattle within the last remaining forests prevents natural regeneration as young shoots are eaten before developing a protective woody stem.

Surveys have revealed that only 117 individuals remain in Kyrgyzstan’s fruit and nut forests.  This apple not only looks good but taste Great very very Rare

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