We Can now provide Bulk orders for and have provided  scion wood  to numerous Nurseries Through out Europe. While Also send bulk Cider scion for Cider Production that is harvested from our orchards.  We harvest the scion wood in February Till May, place in cold storage and ship through early May.  Our scionwood is £2.50 a stick (plus shipping), with the sticks being 6" long. Approx  


500+ varieties of apples

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50+ Redfleshed  Apple

50+ Cider Apple

30 +Modern University Apples

plus 100s More

500+ varieties of apples

We Have over40 Pears And Plums. plus Peaches, Nectarines and Cob Nuts . I have shipped all over Europe Also the largest Red Flesh collection

In addition to our normal range of fruit trees we also offer a grafting service. We can propagate any other fruit tree variety to order subject to availability of suitable grafting material. This includes the possibility of grafting from a special tree in your garden as well as propagating unusual varieties from our own collection or other collections such as those at the National Fruit Collection or at the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Wisley.


Propagation is carried out by grafting at the end of Jan to early Apri Trees would be available for supply approximately 12 months later. While we expect to be successful in most cases, we cannot of course guarantee success particularly when dealing with poor grafting material from old trees. If you wish to use this service please contact us  If we are to propagate from your own tree you will need to supply us with Graft woods:

ALSO WE KNOW SELL A SMALL SELECTION OFF RARE TREES  i have been growing trees for my own collection for several years.  Where I have a small surplus, I provide the opportunity to others to obtain them without all the time and expense  of grafting
 The tees i sell are when I ended up with more of this variety than I needed, so offer it to others to grow their own fruit.  It is grafted onto good quality certified rootstock, which I purchased virus free.  When I have a surplus, I sell plants, to recover some of my costs to allow me to seek-out further varieties and diversify my collection. EMAIL FOR SALE LIST

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800+ varieties of apples

​​"Amelias apples is in the Hobby of providing apple scion wood and climatised varieties of apple, pear, and plum trees for orchards and the home gardener. I specialize in Heritage,  Modern Redfleshed And Cider Apples .  which are propagated  in the foothills of the Peninnes Barnsley Yorkshire. Our hundreds of antique apple varieties include Ashmeads's Kernel, Winter Gem, Cox Orange Pippin, Gala, Ribston Pippin, Pitmaston Pineapple, and Egramont Russet to name a few. Another specialty of ours is red fleshed apples like Motts Pink and Hidden Rose. Currently along with cider apples we have over 800 varieties of apple cultivars available. . We will also do custom bench grafting of any of our cultivars on our semi-dwarfing rootstock. Shipping is available for our apple scion wood . Please see our Ordering Info page for more details. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. If you have grafting questions, Amelia would love to help so please email."

50 Pears plums peaches apricots